Thursday, March 29, 2012

Valentines Day. XOXO.

Unfortunately both of us worked all day on Valentines Day. But that wasn't going to stop me from doing something sweet for my husband. I got up for work while Justin was still asleep, and the day before Valentines Day I got all of his little surprises. I left him a basket on the kitchen table which contained inside little red candles, a sweet note, a big cinnamon roll from Paradise Bakery, and on the box a wrote "something for you to enjoy now, something for you to enjoy later." Oh baby, I know;) And some other little goodies:) Justin sent me flowers, a teddy bear, balloons, and a sweet card to my work that completely made my day. After work we went out to eat and came home and had a fun romantic Valentines together. I have the most amazing husband.


I am horrible at keeping up on this. I'll kind of do a run down on things I have missed out on. Starting with Christmas Eve/ Christmas.
Our first Christmas married was so much fun together! Christmas Eve we ate at Justins parents house and opened our Christmas pajamas there! It was so much fun especially with his little niece's, nephew and sister's. After his parents we went over to my families house to show them our pajamas and watch them open theres! Justin got these Victoria Secret black silk pajamas I really wanted! Justin isn't too picky so I got him some from American Eagle that looked so comfy!

Christmas day was so much fun! We slept at our apartment and woke up and opened presents at our apartment together! Justin got me clothes, jewlrey, a new purse, and p90x, which I was so happy about! I got Justin pretty much all clothes. I know it's kind of boring but he never shops for himself so I have to:) We filled eachohers stockings too, but I think next year we will need bigger ones because the goodies inside could not even fit haha. We went and visted our families that day and gave and received gifts which was so much fun. It was really such a fun relaxing day to spend with our family.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Tis The Season.

The day after Thanksgiving we put up our first Christmas tree in our apartment together! I got all the decorations at Tai Pan Trading, which is my favorite decorating store! We sipped our hot coco and listened to Christmas music to bring in the holiday spirit! We were pretty proud of how it turned out.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love my football player.

Yesterday was the first Saturday I hadn't worked in awhile so I finally got to go to one of Justins flag football games! He played quarterback all through high school and him and his buddies play in a Salt Lake City flag football league. So it was nice to go to his game and watch him play!

We promised Justins little sister, niece, and nephew they could sleepover at our apartment after we got settled in. We went swimming, took them to the pond and fed the ducks, and watched movies! We love doing fun stuff with them!

What happens in Vegas, Cali, & Meixco...

For our honeymoon, we didn't just go to one place.. We road tripped to 3 different places! Our wedding night the limo took us to the Grand American Hotel in SLC which we stayed at just one night in a beautiful honeymoon suite my parents got us! The next morning we woke up and headed down to Las Vegas! Justins uncle got us a room at The Hotel and it was the coolest hotel! We stayed in Vegas 1 night and while we were there we ate at the Rio Buffet, walked the strip, did some shopping, and saw the broadway show of The Lion King in Mandalay Bay.

Right after we saw the Lion King Show we headed down to California and stayed there for 2 nights! We went to Disney Land & California Adventure. It was seriously so much fun and we felt like little kids! We had so many fun memories there. Especially where I went to the City Hall place and said I had anxiety (which I don't) and they gave Justin and I fast passes to every ride. So we got in the front of the line on every ride. So if you don't like waiting in lines like we do, make sure you're a good actor and do that!

Then the last part of our Honeymoon, we went on a five day cruise to Catalina Island and Ensanada! It was so fun and so relaxing! Our Honeymoon was the funniest time we had together to start off being husband and wife! Even though it was nice to be on vacation, we were excited to get back to reality to start our lives.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Every girl dreams of this day.. The day she marrys the love of her life.

Justin & I got married on a beautiful sunny Thursday at Sleepy Ridge Golf Course. It was truely the happiest day of my life.  Nothing compares to the feeling I had that day. Everything turned out perfect, excatly how we wanted it. I'll sometimes hear people say how bad or unexpected happened on their wedding day, but I can luckily say nothing went wrong! I would give anything to go back and relive that day. The day I became Whitney Paige Herrera.